Infusionsoft Subscriptions postage fail

Again a problem with Infusionsoft that started after the takeover by KEAP.
The front end of our shop is WooCommerce, it links to Infusionsoft via InfusedWoo plugin which is kept up to date i.e. currently using InfusedWoo 3.13.9.
A 12 months’ subscription SKU can be ordered online, its weight in WC and IS is 0.3kg, Shipping enabled and costed in both WC and IS.
The initial invoice includes Shipping cost, all subsequent 11 invoices do not include Shipping cost.
Before KEAP it used to work fine, all 12 invoices would include Shipping cost. Alas no longer.
So now we have to MANUALLY add shipping cost i.e. charge the credit card twice.

Of course we started a Chat with Infusionsoft by KEAP.
We were told that KEAP no longer supported postage on subscriptions.
Which is nothing short of bizarre…

And no, we cannot include Postage in the Subscription SKU because, who knows, which Continent browsers order from… this changes our postage cost.
How have other Infusionsoft users overcome this problem? Surely we cannot be the only ones posting physical products by subscription…
Thank you in advance for letting me know if you found a workaround!!!

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I’ve recently added a physical component to some of our subs, so no, you’re not the only one interested in charging shipping along with sub renewals. We charge annually, so I haven’t bothered to figure this out yet because it’s not a concern until December this year, when the first renewal will be auto-charged.

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