Subscription orders from API fields are coming in as null


It seems that certain fields from orders that were created through a subscription are coming in as null directly from the API itself. Is there any logic solution to this or why this is occuring?

The first thing that I would verify is that those fields do indeed have values for them in your Infusionsoft Application. Generally, null values are the result of not having relevant data to retrieve for that field.

Thank you for the reply. Yes, those fields have values in my Infusionsoft app.

Which fields are you referring to exactly that are giving you null by mistake?

Name, shipping address, see the screenshot and you’ll see the full fields. This screenshot was taken directly from the api.

Any updates?

I’ve also placed this order directly from infusionsoft itself and I’m still getting null fields

Hi @Puricorp_Support, it appears that there is a bug with subscriptions where the address table is not being populated with data from the contact’s shipping address when the recurring order is placed. I will work with a product manager to figure out the solution to this problem.

In the mean time a work around that I’ve found is that if you manually save the order in the UI, the address table will be updated and the API will return values for the shipping fields.

Will this be posted under, if not do you have a rough ETA for a permanent solution?


While IS works out the bug, you can still make an interim work using the XML-RPC which uses the same OAuth token (I’m 95% certain this only happens with REST right now).