What preconditions should I setup so to get a true value in the recurring field on the orders API response?

Any idea what else should I set up for getting a true value in the recurring field when hitting this URL: **https://api.infusionsoft.com/crm/rest/v1/orders**…?

I’ve already set up a subscription, invoiced it, and I’m getting the recurring charges. But no matter what I do, that field always comes equal to null.

This is part of the response I’m getting:

“orders”: [
“id”: 64,
“title”: “Software Subscription - Every day for 12 days”,
“status”: “UNPAID”,
“recurring”: null,
“total”: 200,
“shipping_information”: null,
“contact”: {
“id”: 28,

Looking at the code this value is never set. This is most likely a bug. Let me do some digging to make sure.