Question pertaining to Order/Subscription creation

Currently I’ve been testing some ways to create order/subscription.
I’ve been using the api call:
In my case my inputs to this function -call included a contactid, creditcardid, (no productids), a subscriptionid, false for processspecials, and empty for promocodes.
Anyhow, I found that this call worked well. When I’m in Infusionsoft and navigate to the contact in question and click “Orders”, I’ll see under “Recent Orders”, an entry( link) called “API Order”. Clicking upon that link showed the successful creation of the Order Item. I also see an entry (link) under “Subscriptions” that is desired subscription that was designated from the placeOrder() call. Clicking on that link shows all of the desired information (e.g. Invoice description/invoice number…etc). However there are a couple of snags. I found that the dropdown entry for the Merchant account was not set. That was easy to fix- I just took the resulting return value(OrderId) from placeOrder() call, to get the appropriate record from the RecurringOrder table and then updating to the proper merchantid. The last thing that I’m stuck with is that we don’t charge tax. However, the “Charge Tax” is selected to “Yes” when the placeOrder() call is done. I need a way to select the “Charge Tax” to “No”. Unfortunately I notice that the RecurringOrder table does not have a boolean entry for taxable. How could I make that change?

(The only place where I found an entry is through the api call $app->addRecurringAdv(parameters…). But it does not create an order.)

If Charge tax isn’t used and the tax tables haven’t been setup or the products aren’t set to charge tax then having the setting be set to yes wouldn’t matter as tax isn’t configured to charge. Are you seeing tax being added to invoices when it shouldn’t be? Also what is the setting under E-Commerce > Settings > Orders > “Default Charge Tax” set to?

Also for the merchant account there might be something else going on. Under E-Commerce > Settings > Orders what is the default merchant account here? Under E-Commerce > E-Commerce Setup > Payment types. The one time order wouldn’t have the merchant account set however the subscription should be set. Are you seeing that the order or the subscription doesn’t have the merchant account set?

I was able to work things out. I was doing lots of testing in the sandbox so I had a fellow colleague do an actual test in our live conditions using that same createOrder ()function call.(BTW, merchant account was already set up). I had discovered that under the live conditions, there actually were certain states that were designated to compute a tax. Since his billing address for his credit card wasn’t in one of those designated states, no taxes were charged to his order.