Issue with Shipping Details

Hi guys plz help me i have an issue with order retrieve, im Retrieve an Order using GET method ref:!/E-Commerce/getOrderUsingGET

the shipping info is showing NULL but when i check the order details in IS, it does have shipping details, (this issue is for subscription invoices only)

"shipping_information": {
"id": 1087484,
"first_name": null,
"middle_name": null,
"last_name": null,
"company": null,
"phone": null,
"street1": null,
"street2": null,
"city": null,
"state": null,
"zip": null,
"country": null

Hi @pagedesigner, this was a known issue that recently had a fix deployed for it. Do you know when this order was created? The fix was not retroactive meaning only subscriptions created from the deployment date forward will be corrected.

im checking orders created on and before 08/21/2018, another thing, the “Status” in API calls shows “DRAFT” but the actual order is “PAID” in IS?

i don’t think this issue is resolved, i just checked latest invoice it showed NULL shipping fields

Is this the latest invoice in a subscription that existed before the bug was fixed? If you are seeing this on a newly created subscription then the issue may not be resolved and I would suggest submitting a support case so that we can look into the issue deeper.

I would also suggest creating a support case for the other issue you noticed regarding the Status showing as “DRAFT”.

Yes these are for new subscriptions, im going to submit the case, thanks

Case Number

can you tell me whats the difference of following events in Rest hooks:
(invoice.add", “invoice.delete”,“invoice.edit”) and (“order.add”,“order.delete”,“order.edit”) ?

its also having same issue if i use PHP method described here xml-rpc - Keap Developer Portal to pull subscription invoice details