Order Custom Fields & Basic Payment Information


I’m trying to integrate Infusionsoft with our Accounting software.
Basically what I need is to pull information out of our Infusionsoft account into our accounting software.

I’m using the REST API and I’ve noticed that I can not get the Order custom fields nor payment information.
For example, I need to know if a customer has paid manually or perhaps he did a bank transfer in order to make a function that will decide the correct return statement.

Is there any detour way to do so? Is there any plan in the near future that will add these features?

Right now I’m stuck.

Thanks in advance,

What api are you using? REST or the sdk/api?

I’m using the REST API

So you’ll be looking at reading a number of tables. Orders, products, payments and custom fields are all in there own respective tables. Some of this you can get with the REST implementation, but some of it, for now, you can only get via the api as REST is still being developed and some information hasn’t been added yet.

Thank you for the clarification and I apologize for the late response.