How to access order custom fields via the API

I’m trying to grab some order custom fields via the API - but upon looking at the API documentation and a few tests i’ve made… the custom fields are not included… Any ideas?


When querying via the Rest API you can include “?optional_properties=custom_fields” on your request to include the custom fields in the response. However, not all object types support custom fields though the Rest API yet.

Thanks @TomScott I just tried via:{orderid}

Doesn’t look like it included any custom fields - will this work with order custom fields specifically?

No, we currently don’t support the Order Custom Fields through Rest.

It’s a bit of a pain, but it’s possible through the XMLRPC API using your same access token:

xml-rpc - Keap Developer Portal with
Table Schema Documentation - Keap Developer Portal DataFormField, DataFormGroup and DataFormTab