API Returning null SKU Always

When querying for product records via the REST API, the sku field is always null as of about a day ago – I’m unsure of the exact timeline, as our server caches reads whenever possible. We noticed the issue today. Doing manual queries via the api documentation/demo page results in the same null skus being returned, even for queries that previously returned good data. Have double-checked all the associated products in IFS proper – each still has their sku. Have not tried reading the sku via the XML-RPC API. Thoughts?

We’ve been doing some work to get the Products resource more fully-functional, and we might have accidentally removed something. I’ll forward a ticket off to the team doing those changes.

Thank you for alerting us to this!

Is there any estimates on when this will be fixed? This is critically important for our clients website! Hundreds of orders are not being correctly fulfilled. Please respond ASAP!

I ended up picking up the ticket myself, due to time constraints on the team it was assigned to. Assuming that there are not hitches, a fix should go out with Monday night’s deployment.