Spiffy code to only show PayPal option, but it removes the Complete My Purchase button

We have created a new order form that shows PayPal as the only option for payment. The HTML we used was provided by Spiffy and we were told to add it to the Footer of the order form. However, we have found that this code is removing the Complete My Purchase button therefore not allowing the order to process.

I need some help with being able to show only PayPal as the option for payment and it not removing the Complete My Purchase button.

The order form is: https://ipe.infusionsoft.com/app/orderForms/910-TYRF-3-Pay-PayPal

The code we’re using from Spiffy in the footer is:

#spiffyPayPalButtons .paypal-buttons { max-height: 50px !important; } #CHECKOUT_LINKS .checkoutLinks .continueButton, .buttonBreak{display:none;} #PAYMENT_SELECTION #checkoutWithCreditCardLink, #PAYMENT_SELECTION{display:none !important;}

Thanks in advance for any assistance you can provide!