How to hide the new PayPal buttons?

Does anyone have access to code to HIDE the Pay with PayPal option in order forms?
We had this code below:

But since IS updated the PayPal integration, it no longer works. We have some products that we DO NOT want our clients to pay with PayPal and other products that we do. So just “turning off” PayPal as an option is NOT a viable solution.
Please help!!!

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This seems to work, but I haven’t thoroughly tested it.

<style type="text/css">
	#checkoutWithPayPalLink {
		display: none;
<script type="text/javascript">

Let me know if you experience any issues =]

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Hi Michael,

Unfortunately, it did not work:

The PayPal options still show up below the “pay with Credit Card” option. And on the second page (once you click on Pay with Credit Card) the PayPal option still shows up:

Thanks @Lucho_Crisalle, I’ve updated the answer.

Thanks, I was not able to find your reply… did you post a new code?

We continued the conversation a bit in DMs, got some specific cases taken care of, and I’ve updated the code again to reflect those changes.

Hi Michael,

I am having the same issue. Basically, we want to allow PayPal as a form of payment, but we DO NOT want to offer PayPal CREDIT nor PayPal’s debit & credit card option. I was just on chat with Infusionsoft but no matter where I add your code, nothing changes.

And in Infusionsoft payment options I can check the PayPal overall, but if I uncheck use smart buttons, it removes ALL of the PayPal options. There used to be an option during payment entry (even shown in above example). But I do not see that no matter what I do.

I am willing to use the shopping cart or an order form for this one product we are starting to sell tomorrow. Whichever will work ASAP. After that, however, I would love to fix this across my entire product line. We went out of our way to secure our own gateway for a reason. We do not want PayPal to try and take away business from our own gateway. We just don’t.

Let me know if I am missing something and if I can get our checkout process back to reality. I only want PayPal as a basic option. No CREDIT or debit/credit card options.

Or maybe I can make the Checkout button much bigger so it looks more important than the PayPal cluster. How do I edit the look of the Checkout button?

Is any of this still possible?


Has the code been updated and shared?

Here is the code you need, just paste it in the HTML area of the order form:

.smallHeader, .paymentIcon, .paypal-button-container, .checkoutPaypalSmartPaymentButtons, #checkoutWithPayPalLink, #checkoutWithPayPalLink { display: none; }

Hey Michael, this doesn’t always work unfortunately. I think there is a race condition happening. We have even tried different methods of delaying the press of the button using jQuery but it still fails sometimes, especially for first time visitors.

I suspect there is a race condition or a clash with other code (looking at the errors in dev tools)… If you have any suggestions to get this working reliably I am keen to help with testing and feedback.

Hey Mark,

When you say it fails, are you saying that it doesn’t select Credit Card as the option, or which part is failing?


Hey Michael. An error seems to prevent the click from registering so it stays on the first screen. I’ll record a video if you like.

I found the answer to my concern and possibly all of yours. What I needed to do was remove the “PayPal CREDIT” & “Debit or Credit Card” buttons from my shopping cart checkout.

Put your own variation of the following code into the HTML footer of the Infusionsoft Shopping Cart or Order Form:

<script src=",card"`>

Note the section, “disable-funding=credit,card”

Additional parameters are found on the following page:

I hope you can get what you need done with this information.

Thanks for this Kathryn_Alice,
I tried putting the code in as is and it removed the Credit Card button, but then the Paypal button no longer worked. When you say, “put your own variation of the following code” what changes do I need to make to that code? Thanks for your help…

You are right. I was able to remove the extra buttons, but now the remaining PayPal button doesn’t work.

My only thought is that PayPal does NOT WANT this to work.

Sorry for the excitement when it was premature…

At least I had a brief moment of happiness when I thought it might work!

this worked for me in the product information section of my order form

.smallHeader, .paymentIcon, .paypal-button-container, .checkoutPaypalSmartPaymentButtons, #checkoutWithPayPalLink, #checkoutWithPayPalLink { display: none; }none;}
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