Selectively remove paypal option from and order form

I found code to Selectively remove the paypal option from and order form. It removes it from the first section, but when I click pay with a credit card, it takes me to the page to input billing information and at the bottom presents the option to pay with paypal. Here is the code below. Does anyone know what I can do to remove the pay with pay instead as well.

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shopping cart or order form…your code is not displaying as well

This is for the order form. I was told to place the snipper in the Header
HTML area. It removed the paypal button from the first page of the order
form, but when you click to pay with Credit Card, the billing info page has
linked texted that says pay with paypal instead. I was wondering how to
remove that.

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Can you just uncheck the paypal option in payment types?

Yes, but there are some products I want the option there for and other I do
not. If I turn it off in the payment options, it goes off all my order

The pay with cc page for us comes up with a pay with paypal instead link but not a button…looks like this:

Is this not what you are seeing?

Yes, I can not get it off that page.

Insert the following into the html footer section:


Thank you for trying to help me out. Unfortunately, that did not work for


Did you end up figuring this out Jennifer? I am in the same boat.
I ended up calling PayPal and having PayPal Express checkout removed from my account, so they cannot pay this way. Below the credit card info, it still says “check out with PayPal” but it is a dead link. I would still like this text removed.

Did you finally figure this out? I am having this issue now. Is there anyone in this community who can help?

Can you link me to your form, @Jody_Samuels

Not sure how to do that. Here is my form:–premium-monthly?cookieUUID=ffe1fde3-31bc-4acf-8a98-71897819f15d

Jody Sig2

Just add this to any of the HTML Areas of the form.

<style>.switchPaymentSelectionLink {
    display: none;
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Thank you

Jody Sig2