Remove PayPal from payment options on order form and shopping cart

We recently started using PayFlow Pro to process payments in USD, while the rest of our business is processed through Beanstream in CAD.

Because currency is dependent on what product they are buying, NOT where they are located, we need to remove the “Pay with PayPal” button from Order forms and Shopping Cart.

I have had Paypal Express disabled with Paypal, so the button/links in IS order forms and the shopping cart is dead, but I would like it not to appear.

I have tried adding “VISIBILITY:hidden;” to the CSS code in the Shopping Cart Themes settings as per this YouTube video (Hide PayPal link in Infusionsoft shopping cart - YouTube), but it did not change anything.

I have also added this code to the footer of order forms, and it did remove the top PayPal button. But there is still a sentence “Pay with PayPal instead” the shows under the Payment Information section on the order form (dead link though)

  1. Does anyone have a way to remove “Pay with PayPal instead” from the Payment Information Section on order forms? (link to one of our products:

  2. Does anyone have a way to remove “Paypal- Complete this transaction easily and securely using your PayPal account” from the Payment Information Section in the Shopping Cart? (link to one of our products in the shopping cart

Hi @Hugh_Culver,

Have you gotten resolution for this yet?

When I did that video, it was just in context of the shopping cart (though it would be similar but not necessarily the same for order forms). I also need to update some information in a few videos. Let us know if you got it resolved or not.