Get rid of PayPal on update credit card link

How can I remove the PayPal option of of our update your credit card form? Please help?

I know on order forms that if you put the below into the footer HTML then it will hide the button:

< script> jQuery('.checkoutWithPayPalLink').hide(); < / script >

ignore the spaces i needed to get this to show

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<script>jQuery('.checkoutWithPayPalLink').hide();</script >


lol well there ya go :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Thanks @martinc!


To suppress the (misleading) PayPal buttons in the Shopping Cart form, make this change to your Layout CSS:

.checkoutPaypalSmartPaymentButtons {
/* Container for the PayPal smart payment buttons */
margin: 0 30px 10px;
float: right;
clear: both;
display: none;      // make it disappear

This is important because my credit card customers may not want their card processed by PayPal.

Or you could:

as noted above ;)

Do you mean “<script>jQuery(‘.checkoutWithPayPalLink’).hide();</script >”? Does not work for me. I’m using a basic, off-the-shelf Form, I didn’t develop it myself. I don’t have access to the HTML, the only thing they let me customize is the CSS.

When I copy the “<script>…” in the Footer, it appears verbatim in the form, where the customer can see the raw command. And the PayPal buttons are still there.

My fault folks. I didn’t realize that this was hijacked to a completely unrelated topic. It’s too confusing for someone to search for answers when a new topic is introduced into a thread (especially three years later), so I’m turning of commenting for this thread.