Spam Spam Spam. Make it Stop!

Oh my word. We get so many spam bots on our contact form. Every time we kick up our facebook ad spend we get spam contact forms completed out the wazoo.

Captcha doesn’t stop 'em, blocking IP addresses doesn’t stop 'em, etc. We’ve considered asking clients to answer a math question to populate a field with a correct answer to use a decision diamond to filter spam out… but ugh to asking contacts to do more work on a contact form.

I saw this as a solution in a recent search: Stop Infusionsoft Spam Bots - Marketing Automation Group

Do you have any other suggestions? What has worked for you?

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Are you getting spammed on webforms or landing pages?

SpamKill works solid for webforms, I don’t know any solution for landing pages -

Thank you. Yes, it is an html designed contact form on our website. Do you currently use SpamKill? Do you have any insight on how it works with custom html?

Thank you!