How to stop Spam even Added Google Captcha

I have added google captcha to stop Spam but still I am getting spams.You can see here Screenshot by Lightshot

Please help me.

Hi Alkesh, This is very strange.

I had a couple questions to see if we could dig in just a little bit. It appears that you use a 3rd party form, based on how that form looks in the picture. If this is the case, can you share what plug-in you use?

Also, I would be curious if you could possibly share a link to the page that this form is on. I would like to test this out. If you are still receiving spam submissions, it is almost seeming like the google reCapcha is possibly not configured to be ‘required’ on this form…


A question arose in our “inner circle” about this. If someone has a webform and register a domain name to that form, and they don’t have whois privacy setup, doesn’t that open up the infusionsoft form to spam?