My website's contact us form is getting assaulted by bots and spam submissions

Is there a way we can block spam submissions via our Contact Us form? I’ve left unchecked the box that enables Captcha, but we’re still getting assaulted. Thank you!

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Hey, @Ken_Berlack . Did you republish your campaign after you changed that setting?

Thank you - doing that now, will report back, thanks again!

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Good morning - just want to come back to this thread - I did re-publish this campaign, but the bots are still coming in. I appreciate any advice you may have - please know my site is on WordPress and wondering if we need to install a plug-in to stop this, thank you kindly again!

Hey, Ken. I sent you a private message to gather some more information.

Thank you Martin! Did you get my reply via email?

Got it!

Ok thank you again - very much appreciate help!

I’ve been getting spammed like crazy too even with the captcha enabled. It’s driving me nuts.

I have some news on an update we actually rolled out last night.

We have updated our Invisible Google reCAPTCHA for webforms and landing pages, just last night! If you are utilizing HTML to embed your form on your site, you can now grab brand new HTML code from your webform/landing page goal, and replace it on your site. (Ensure that you were not opted out of bot detection, prior. If the option to opt out was selected in the ‘Settings’ tab of the webform or landing page, you would need to de-select it and republish, before grabbing the new updated code.)

This update did not affect existing embedded webforms (HTML code) but the forms you may have on your site would need to be updated with the fresh HTML. If you utilize Java Script snippets to embed forms, this would not need to be updated on your site.

Here are 2 new articles about our update from last night. One is an FAQ about reCAPTCHA, and the other is instructions on updating your existing embedded forms.

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I’ve even gone as far as adding

To my form security settings and it still hasn’t stopped. It’s so frustrating.

@Todd_Higgins Not a solution, but a helpful workaround if you have PlusThis … I have a campaign that I’ve built for my clients that I’ve pushed to the Marketplace (awaiting approval as of 10/13/17). It uses PlusThis, as Infusionsoft core doesn’t allow one of the features we have to use. You can email me if you want me to push to your system, or go to the marketplace and search for “spam” and one the campaign is approved you will see it there (by 4SpotMarketing).

Since they use valid emails, traditional spam search doesn’t work, so I’ve created a campaign that does some field copying and then decision diamond stuff around the “59” in the name. With PlusThis we can unsubscribe the spam entry before they get any emails from us, eliminating the chance we get tagged as spam.


This looks like a solution and it’s free. Watch video for details and instructions Stop Infusionsoft Spam Bots - Marketing Automation Group

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