How do you prevent webform spam

We have several webforms on our sites. We get people who fill them out saying things like: we can increase your google score, an essay writing services company, or just junk/spam type of emails. We have the Captcha on the forms but they are filling out the webforms (required fields) so it’s getting into the IS database. How can we prevent this from happening?

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Hi Kim, this is a question that has been asked before. Here are links to the posts

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Hi @Kim_Loth

Captchas are only triggered for repeat submissions from the same IP. These bots have wide collection of IPs, so most of the time captchas are not triggered.

Even if they are, captchas are very easy to solve, $4 for every 1000 captchas to be exact.

Please check out SpamKill here . It will take hardly 2-5 minutes to start using it and has 100% accuracy record since launch (since December 2017)

If you have any question, feel free to mail support or DM me.

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Thanks. This is the reason I joined this group … “Most of the time the captchas are not triggered.”

I’ll give SpamKill a try.

Thanks! ~ Jeff

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Yes I have the same problem, the Captcha is not working properly and we are getting 2-3 per day. Would really like some solid info on how to fix this please!