Spam signups have accelerated

Getting bombarded with hundreds of spam signups on various lead gen optins on posts and pages on several sites and it’s been getting steadily worse over the past 3 months. We’ve activated captcha, we’ve tried a hidden field, we’ve tried tick the box . . . nothing works. What if anything is Infusionsoft doing to combat this? What else can we try? It’s sooo time wasting, not to mention putting my contact count through the roof


Infusionsoft can do very little about that because the increase is related to domain names that spam bots pick up on and no one but the spam bot designer (may they suffer for their efforts) has any control over them. Whenever a preventative measure is put into place, these heinous programmers analyze these prevention’s and write code to get around them. There are options like spamkill and and my company is designing a brand new way to manage them that differs from others as well…but that doesn’t prevent the programmers from coming up with new ways to get around these measures over time. You can try the two I’ve mentioned here but you may find that different bots are prevented by different measures and no one solution will work for every bot.

Thankyou John for your comprehensive reply. This is so frustrating. My techie has just tried something new "adding a checkbox field on the forms, and the checkbox fills up a hidden field for email addresses.

  • Bots however will not be able to process the checkbox, instead, it will directly fill the value of the hidden field and submit the form. The JS script then will process and detect that the submission is not human because the checkbox was not ticked". So far it’s worked, so we’re going to implement it on other forms. However as you say, the nasty programmers will no doubt find a way to get round it. Why can’t they get a life!

Just to keep you informed, there are bots that will process the check box…the question is, is it one of those that’s plaguing you right now. Sounds like it’s not but if it begins happening, that would be the case.

Our company does have a method we’re finalizing that uses a completely different approach than anything else out there but it’s about two months out to production…and I’m afraid I can’t go into a better description of how that works right now until we’ve protected our process.

I hope that things continue to work for you and you don’t get one of those work-arounds we’re speaking of.

Thanks John! Could you let me know when it’s ready?

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You bet…I have a running list of those that want to be told when we’re ready so I’ll add you to it :wink:

add me to your list too :slight_smile:


I got you added :wink: We’re looking at 6-8 weeks before production but I’ll let you know.