Adding reCAPTCHA and stopping the bots


I’m a marketing consultant in New Zealand who was plagued with bots for months (approx 70% of my sign ups).

So I was thrilled to see Devon’s article: about adding reCAPTCHA and stopping the bots.

I followed his instructions and the code worked delightfully for a few weeks.

But then I’m guessing (I don’t know, and I’m not what you’d call techy inclined!) Infusionsoft made an update and suddenly my sign up process is plagued with a different problem.

It’s still not letting bots through (yay), but it’s not letting humans through (not yay).

My form is here:

And I’ve disabled the bot detection inside Infusionsoft as per article.

Do you have any idea what’s causing the problem and what the solution is?

I’m extremely hesitant to remove the code, as I don’t want the bots back, but do you think I need to? And then what?

Any lifesaving solutions would be gratefully accepted, as I’m at my wits end and don’t know what to do.


Hi @Kathryn_Reid, I would definitely reach out to Devin since this is interacting with his solution.

However, I did test this form and see that the checkbox option “YES, I want ideas” looks like it is getting unset somehow… I am not sure of the code involved on this page, but it may be worth looking into why the checkbox value is not staying in a “checked” state once the form has been submitted.


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