Infusionsoft form - bot regsitration even using recaptcha

Hi all,

during tha last days we face a lot of (bot) registrations to our newsletter trough the infusionsoft registerform we integrated on our website …

Hint: Of course we are using the recaptcha option at the registration but this seem not to help or working (btw. the recaptcha is active since creating the form few month ago) .

Are there any known issues with non working recaptcha at infisionsoft forms?

Beside of the problem I can not open a support chat since yesterday … any known issues with the support chat option?

Thanks in advance for yur kind help


When you say form, are you using an embedded webform or a iframe landing page etc?

I’ve not heard of any issues with the recaptcha to be honest. If you do need to contact support here are the options for you:

Sorry couldn’t help more

Hi Andy,

thank you for the feedback. We are using an embeded html form.

The starnge thing is that this “bot registrations” are showing up since last week - the form is existing much longer … and it seems that the registrations are made just using the code from our reg. form somewhere …
We have 4 Languages at our webpage and each contains a reg.form to register - all “bot adresses” which are registered are registered for each language (4 times the same adress). The question is why the recaptcha is not working here . … as it should, right?

Other question which turns up because of that situation: as our adress database is growing, I wonder if we need to pay more because of the increasing adresses at our account (even if the do not have a “double opt in”, or do we need only pay for adresse we send newsletter to?

Thanks for your kind help

Once a bot has got hold of the form, they will keep hitting it without even visiting your website. So items I’d double check.

  1. That the recaptcha code IS actually in place, have a look at the code on the website, they should have a line of code that reads something like: <button class=“infusion-recaptcha” id="recaptcha

  2. If there is a ‘constant’ in the bots name you could DD them out (too much to go through via this type of support, sorry)

  3. Database is database - any contact in your system counts to your limit, so yes removing these and other non-engaged people is a good idea.

Hope that helps


Hi Andy,

yep, I checked that already - the infusion-recaptcha is implemented at the form (find screenshot attached) … and I made a test by my self with registering several times with fake adresses … no recaptcha appears … strange !



Definitely raise a support request on this as soon as you can!