ReCaptcha is preventing Webforms to be submitted when enabled, Infusionsoft says Resolved, but I can't just Republish Webform

Hi, I’ve been using InfusionSoft’s Webforms for sometime now, and a little while back ReCaptcha started preventing any Webforms from being submitted. I reached out to Support and they eventually said they fixed the issue and that the way to resolve the issue was to republish the webform and replace the code on our external site. This would be all fine and dandy, but we have our webform done up with a bunch of custom CSS and extra form features including stuff things condition fields and dropdowns. If we were to republish and replace, we would just lose all that extra work.

So my question is, is there just a few lines of code I can just swap out to just get the form working again without republishing and redoing all my forms? Thanks!