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Hey Guys, I hope someone can help me here, so I have a Campaign Web Form that I’ve been working with, when i started, the webform was working fine in Chrome, but last week my client started seeing an error when they try to submit the form, it says that Redirected you too many times(in Chrome), and because of that, the form is not submitting.
I saw that some people were having this problem but the community was saying that we should use the HTML Unstyle for now, I’m sad to say that I’m using HTML Unstyle, and it’s still not working, can somebody help me with any other form of a solution, please?

See Screenshot attached:

Just so you know it’s only in Google Chrome that this happens, my version of Chrome is: Version 84.0.4147.135 (Official Build) (64-bit)

I have the same problem for over a week, havent found a solution, and the infusionsoft team neither. This is not the first time that im having this kind of trouble and now im looking into another software, im tired of paying this much and having this little errors that cost me a lot of money.

Thank you @Speaker_Coach for your response.
I’m waiting for one of the guys on the team, so give us an update.

You can count us in.
Big issues in all my apps that are using Infusion unstyled Web FORM markup, specially those in Iframes.

I would really like to know a fix, it is crucial ATM for our affairs.
We look like clowns to our customers, it would be a bit hard for us to replace all the webforms with API in a rush like this.

Thank you everyone for bringing it up too.
Please Infusionsoft Team, find a fix :slight_smile: !

tries to warn Infusion Team here :

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Hey Guys so i found a solution for myself, and i wanted to share it with you.
Before that i was using HTML Unstyle within an iframe, so because of the last version of Chrome, there was an issue with same-site-origin, so what i did was getting rid of all the Iframe in my code, so that i can use a good old modal and embed the form into it, so this way i don’t have this problem with Google.
I hope you guys can resolve your issues.
Note: I don’t know if your situation was the same as mine, but this was my solution.

Thank you Dr_Jhon_Dempster for confirming the workarround.

In my case there is so many iframes to address this is a colossal issue…
I was thinking this morning and also came to the conclusion that the unstyled form needs to be taken out of Iframes or i need to be implementing the API… this is really a nightmare for us.

In some case, im posting multiple forms in iframes (to submit multiple forms at the same time), in some case i’m posting iframe forms in sequence order (one submit to my local DB then im posting to Infusionsoft). I’m in deep trouble :frowning:

I would really hope that InfusionSoft would fix their cookie by doing the SameSite=None parameter (The secure parameter seem to be already there according to Alastrair research).

I would appreciate an answer from InfusionSoft confirming that they will not fix the SameSite=None parameter (or that they will). I would then right away try to justify the extra development cost to my boss.

If Infusionsoft want to reproduce the problem, the unstyled form need to be submitted while it is embed within an Iframe,

I will try to get confirmation from them and post back here.

To be continued…

*By the way, it doesnt seem to occur on old OS, Windows 7 + Chrome, but Windows 10 + Chrome is deeply affected.

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I’m sorry @Sebastien_Dube i really hope you find a solution, because in my case i did not have many iframes i just had one. So i hope the team respond to you and help you out.

For those who are in the same situation as us, and use multiple iframes to post multiple HTML unstyled forms to InfusionSoft, there is hope (to see your apps works on windows10 + latest Chromium browser)!

I took the time to talk with an Agent from InfusionSoft and here are the answers :

The issue is still ongoing but i assure you that we are doing our best to fix this the soonest we can. Right now our alternative solution is to use another browser other than chrome version 82 or higher

Thank you for your understanding

I will put your case on high priority

apologize how much this affecting you business

Issue Number: 2113159

What can we ask more?
I’m crossing fingers and will post back in few days to share if it is resolved.

Good news,
The problem is now correctly listed under the known issues (#2129912),

Estimated Resolution Date: 9/3/2020

Conclusion : I just submitted and it worked !

The same site parameter seem to have been fixed by the InfusionSoft Team!

4 or 5 days before the estimated time !

Thank you