Infusionsoft Web Forms not showing in Chrome, but OK in other browsers

We have several web forms on our web sites that as of yesterday 3/25/20, seem to suddenly be not browsing in Chrome. I have now had a second user report this behavior as well as seeing it myself. I am on Mac and they are on Windows.

Chrome on my iMac is the browser that does not load the form. Firefox & Safari on same iMac show it as appearing.

Curiously, Chrome on my Macbook Air also shows the form! Chrome on iPad OS also does. Other browsers I tested across a range of devices also showed as normal.

I compared the Chrome, Java, and OS versions between iMac and Macbook and they are the same.

I tweaked Chrome on iMac to see if I’d customized some setting that was causing the issue but this did not change anything.

Has anyone had this issue, if so, what is the cause?

Thanks so much!


We’re having this same erratic issue. Some chrome’s do fine with the JS embedded IS form. Others not. Safari and Firefox show it fine. Console log error on the browser has an error stating “too many redirects”. When I try and go to that error link directly in a browser that is not showing, I get a 502 error from Cloudflare. Like I said, only on some versions of chrome…very erratic and impossible to replicate. We setup a browser tack server with exact same creds as problem browser and it showed fine.

Having the same problem. Anyone come up with a fix for it yet?

Us too, some of use have no issues, others do. Any thing on this?

Same problem for us.

Same for us… Works fine in other browsers and even for some users, I have cleared all my browsing cache, history and more, updated Chrome etc… Still not showing for me. I have to check my clients web forms in Safari and it’s become a bit tedious, I can’t imagine how the experience might be for his perspective clients…

Hi Team

Has anyone had a resolution to this? I have been testing webforms with Javascript snippets for days with no problem, showing up in chrome, and now this morning - no forms… anywhere… infuriating! haha

@infusionsoft any ideas what’s going on??


Hi Katherine,

SameSite Cookie
I am wondering if this issue is connected with Chrome’s enforcement of the SAMESITE cookie requiring the values of “None” and “Secure” to be set otherwise third party tracking cookies are blocked from passing their values back to Infusionsoft.

Blocked Tracking Code
So Infusionsoft isn’t seeing or recording the tracking cookie results. Maybe this is preventing the JavaScript web forms from being displayed, if Infusionsoft isn’t seeing their tracking code feedback? I don’t use Infusionsoft’s JS based web forms so haven’t tested this theory but it seems very likely to be connected.

Rolling Enforcement
Google is rolling out enforcement over time, see the latest July 28, 2020 update. Enforcement is only being applied to an ever increasing sub-set of Chrome users, which might explain the fact of the JS web forms working then not working, depending on whether your Chrome browser is in the enforcement sub-set.

Prior Thread Discussion
I raised the issue in this community forum thread:

Non-Compliance by Infusionsoft
Using developer tools to look at my own website I see Infusionsoft’s cookies have these values set, none of them include the new SAMESITE values of (None, Secure).

InfusionsoftTrackingCookie - (Secure)
GCLB - (HttpOnly)
JSESSIONID - (HttpOnly, Secure)

Anyway just my speculation really, without more in-depth testing, but all factors might clearly explain the sometimes works, then sometimes doesn’t work effects people on this thread state they are seeing.


We are experiencing this same issue now. It seems the explanation by [Alastair_Greenstreet] is likely the issue. Now that Google Chrome has resumed their rollout of enforcement for their SAMESITE cookie requirement, the problem is ramping up, and more of our users are now unable to view the forms.

Has anyone heard from Infusionsoft about this issue? Any updates? If not, we will have to go through and change all of our forms using a JS snippet over to HTML, and I would like to avoid doing this if Infusionsoft is on the verge of resolving the issue.

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UPDATE: The ticket has been reopened and moved back over to “Known Issues”.

Hi There,

Looks like they may have fixed the InfusionsoftTrackingCookie to be both Secure & SameSite=None .

However their other two cookies GCLB and JSESSIONID don’t have a SameSite value set but this may not matter as long as the tracking cookie is working for the forms.

Happy days (hopefully).

Aly :slight_smile:

This is still a problem for me. As a result, I’ve had to change all forms to HTML for now.

Hi @Rodney_Daut,

I confirm all my forms are HTML based using a POST action and hidden form fields on a WordPress site. I am not using Infusionsoft’s self-hosted landing / form pages.

So yes these cookies as they stand do not cause a problem via HTML form, at least not yet on our site.