Sorting contacts of same last name by most recently viewed or edited

If I have 29 “jones” contacts, how can i set the contacts view default to show the most recently edited contact with last name “jones” ?

Hi Kevin, you would need to create a Saved Search with the criteria of Jones in the “Last Name” field, and then on the Misc Criteria tab

Use the “Last Updated Interval”

Once you have the results use the “Save” button

Thanks for the reply, I was using “Jones” as a hypothetical – I want the default contact search result to always display the most recently updated record for ANY matching last name whether “Williams”, “Anderson”, “Jones” or whatever at the top of the list…

I am getting at using InfusionSoft for CRM (which I am learning is its weakest feature), it is not efficient to require a custom search to be created for each of the many instances where there may be multiple matches on last name…

Any other ideas?

Thank you!

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Got it. What you would want to do in your Save Search is adjust the columns so that it’s showing Only the Last Name and using the Misc Criteria tab > “Last Updated Interval” will always show you the records that were last updated.

You can also change the view of your search to a "List’ View.

Example with the last name and Last Updated column + List View

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