Can't easily browse columns

It would be really nice if we could sort the columns so that you can browse A to Z or Z to A (front to back) for any column. I know this can be done, since I just left MailChimp ( a free service) and they allowed that. As well, I am surprised that you can’t actually access a contact profile in grid view, but rather have to switch back to interactive view, scroll back down to the contact you want and then open the profile. There are some great features here, but it also feels like I have stepped back in time 20 years in some ways.

Hey Jeff, good news - you can actually do both of those things.

When you are looking at your search results, click on Edit Criteria/Columns, switch to the Columns tab, and add “Name” as a column. This will add a clickable link that opens the individual contact record.

Also, on the same tab, you should have filter/sort options to help arrange the contacts in alphabetical order, or however you’d like.

Thank You so much Greg. Please teach the customer support about this option as when I asked them they said this could not be done. You have revived my faith!

I sure will - in the meantime if I can ever help out feel free to send me an email at (or if you’re interested, check out my membership program :sunglasses: )