Sorting Contacts Columns

I added the “Name” custom column filter so I can sort my contacts by first name A-Z, but I have to re-do that every time I log out and back in. Is there a way that I can have this stay the way I set it when I log out?

Are you saving the report changes as a saved search?

I am not doing a search, but rather editing the sort for all of my contacts and I don’t see a save function when I do that. I just want to view my contacts and always have them alphabetically sorted from A to Z by First Name. MailChimp and AWeber both made it east to toggle columns to easily sort that way. I am surprised how difficult it is to arrange columns with Infusionsoft. The search & filter features are great, but I wish they had toggle functions for the most simple of quick sorts as well.

If you’re “editing the sort” I would think you are referring to the “edit creteria/columns” button which has a save button right next to it. Otherwise, I am uncertain what you are referring to by editing the sort

I go to “View Contacts” and then I click “Edit Criteria/Columns” and it takes me to this Edit Filters page where i have added the Available Field “Name”. I then go to the bottom and where it says “Sort By:” I choose “Name”. When I do that it puts all my contacts in AtoZ order by first name.
The only problem is I have to do this every time I go to “View Contacts”.

My hope is that they make it such that I can set this as a default and as you can see here there is no “Save” option that I can see.

Here is a screenshot of the “Edit Criteria/Columns” button I was talking about that takes me to where I can add filters.

FYI - The “Name” filter is always there now that I have added it, but how my contacts are sorted when I view them changes to the default of last name then first name. I want to change the default view.

Ok, so you’re where I thought…follow the directions in the video:

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Thank you, that does help. It still does require that I pull up that search every time however and I can’t change the Infusionsoft View Contacts default settings, correct?

Correct, the default settings … well, they don’t actually exist for matters involving how things are displayed.

Jeff, if you go to admin>>settings and under search, make sure it says “preserve last search” and it will save the search default for future searches.