Permanently set Email Batch Result 'Edit Filter' column?

Hi. Dave Patterson, basic IS user,

In my Email Batch Results list, can I PERMANENTLY set it to open with [for example] ‘Sent Descending’, so the latest emails come up top when it first opens?

Hi, @Dave_Patterson. Welcome to the community! Yes, you can.


To do it, go to the Email Batch Results report, click the Edit Criteria/Columns button, go the Columns tab, scroll down and select Sort By: Sent Descending, click OK. Then check Save, name it and check the box to save it to your dashboard and will be visible on your home page dashboard like the image above.

Thank you. I think I get it. There’s no way to click on the report in the Report Title listing and have it permanently set, BUT it’s now on my dashboard, and it’s clickable, and it’s set the way I want. Very nice. Very helpful. Very quick response. Thank you.

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