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When trying AB test, can you distribute contacts automatically, is there any service that can cooperate with Infusionsoft?

Split testing to this degree is not something that Infusionsoft can currently do ‘out-of-the-box’, to this degree. While our community might have some other methods to share, I would like to start with a service that would cooperate. PlusThis has a pretty nice AB testing feature.

Here is some information on it.

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Yeah, plusthis and a couple others offer some ways. You can also split your most current contacts (say actively updated over the past 30 days?) in half and apply a different tag to each list and then mitigate who gets what email or landing page link or whatever it is that you wish to a/b test in a campaign.


Another way that you can split test your contacts natively is to use the Round Robin feature and tagging to set ownership. If contacts already are owned by users, you’d want to apply a tag to identify their owner. Then run all contacts through a campaign and assign a new owner temporarily using the Round Robin way to assign…using a decision diamond, route each contact as per their new temp owner and tag: Group A and Group B. Then reroute per their original owner tag and reassign to their original owner.

Once you have this set up, you can run all new contacts through it and they will always have a Group A or B tag to use for future split testing.


We are Japan’s first sales partner. There are many things we do not understand yet and I appreciate your reply.

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