Split Testing Emails

I thought I’d ask the community if they’ve been able to find a decent way to split test emails to improve performance, both on the broadcast and campaign level. I’ve chatted to support and they haven’t been able to provide a solution for this. Are there any marketplace apps that can do this? Integrations with other email platforms that can easily split test?

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Hi @Eric_Hoppe.

I would like to share a couple previous posts from the community. In these conversations, an in-app solution is talked about, but some great recommendations on some 3rd party solutions are also brought up. Take a look. :slight_smile:


There are a number of approaches involving tags and/or tracking links or a "pixel’ link to an automation link in IS. However, every one of those methods rely on opens and each email client handles/reports opens differently. In Office365 for example, the moment an email comes in and is hilighted in the list, the preview for that email triggers the email links/pixels as an open…which isn’t a real value since that person may never actually open and read the email.


Thank you for your message. I get the 3rd party solutions already.By the way,why did you remember my previous question and gave me a message?This is a wonderful response.
I want to know how comments within the community are managed.