Can I split test an email broadcast?

I’m new to Infusionsoft and interested predominently in creating regular email broadcasts. Is it possible to split test for example an email broadcast suject title to see which titles perform better. This is a feature which I’ve used in other e-marketing software and wondered if this is posssible within Infusionsoft.

Split testing is not built into Infusionsoft, but it is possible to do with a number of simple third-party tools. The split testing is done within a campaign, the third-party tools all work the same - you select a set of tags to use, one for each email variation you want to test. You use an HTTP Post to start the testing, and the third-party tool will apply a random tag from the tags you specify for the test. You run the different emails in entirely separate campaign sequences (they can’t be connected to each other in the campaign builder or the reporting won’t come out right).

My company, Novak Solutions, has this available for free in our Campaign Tools suite -