Automatic assignment of IFS contacts between agents

Hello guys,

Probably some use Round Robin or Diamond Decision for this but both tools don’t serve my purpose to the full instance.

So, what is my goal?
I want to make Contacts distribution fully automatic between our Account Managers.

All contacts that we get to Infusion come there by API right after the customer registers. We have different language desks so it’s important to distribute contacts by country. Also, we have agents with different skills, so we also want to distribute contacts to different people in accordance with their skills.

How can we distinguish contacts?
Country, Contact Source (different registration landings), affiliate code

Here are examples of different sequences that I see:

  1. Agent A gets all new contacts from affiliate code: a123b and c243f
  2. Agent B and C get contacts from affiliate code: sd44s
  3. Agents D, E, F get contacts equally from all countries except the US and contact source ‘landing 1’
  4. Agent E additionally gets contacts from Contact Source: landing 1
    And etc.

Is there any tool, app or setting that can be used to automatically distribute new contacts using the mentioned above flows?

Thank you =)


I think you would need a combination of DD and RR.

Run the DD to parse out the various details of the lead (affiliate code, region/country, etc.).

Once you have them separated that way, then set up a RR for each of those types of groups and then run them through the RR.


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