Adding More Sales People Need to Divvy Contacts More Fairly


So we are going to be adding more people to our team in the near future where we will need a better system to divvy up new contacts and leads more fairly as well as the existing contacts (these would consist of people that hadn’t been touched in a while or that our current team hasn’t touched at all).

I’m trying to find ways to organize these contacts now and so I can help our sales team have people to call right off the bat, and was wondering what other people currently do to help organize and divvy up contacts in a fair manner.

Hi Katie:

Are you familiar with the Round Robin feature in the software?
It’s under “CRM – Settings” and it allows you to set up a round-robin distribution of leads/contacts using a flat/even distribution or weighted distributions.

That sounds like your best bet. Create a quick campaign ‘reassignment campaign’ and simply start it with a tag application and then have the sequence simply have the ‘assign owner’ – use Round Robin and it should reassign those that you run through it.



Would we have to specifically tag people who we haven’t interacted with yet in order to do this?

You would just apply the tag to start the Round Robin campaign to anyone you wanted to put through the system. So you would need to identify anyone who you want going through the campaign. Is that the question?

Do you know if there is a way where we could use contact notes (the notes that visible from a search in the bar below, not within the contact’s profile) to make this process easier, or will this be something we have to do by hand? Reason I ask is because that is the best way for us to differentiate which contacts have been talked to and when the last time they were talked to was.

If you are talking about these:

Those are the same notes that are inside the contact record.

I think the only way to do this would be to do an export of all notes (making sure to include the Contact ID with them).

Then export all contacts in the database.

Run a Excel query matching up the Contact ID in the Contact export to the Contact ID on the Contact Notes and then marry them together.

Then tag those people accordingly, then run them through the reassignment.

Going forward, if you are actively using ‘notes’ to record info, you could create a Note Goal inside a sequence that would automatically change the ‘last called’ date in a custom field to the date that the Note was applied. This would give you a field that you could reference easily to see the last time someone was contacted.

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