How to reorganize your contacts in the right lists

Hello Im looking to reorganize my sellers from buyers list any videos out there or any post that could help reorganize my account.


Hi Frank, It seems that tagging may be the best approach. Sounds like you may be able to start with just 2 dags (Seller & Buyer) There will be a bit of a manual process involved here, as you may need to manually run some searches, or export your list (including contact ID, so that you can add a column for tags, and perform a modify existing records import with the updated list, to mass update the contact tags in your database.

There may be some other solutions for this, but this is a start. Some of our other community members may have some good tips, also.

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So how many “sellers” are we talking about. I’m guessing too many to just make users? In some models, sellers could be managed as affiliates but the question doesn’t have enough information for me to say one way or the other on that. There is a contact type field as well but it doesn’t really provide a way to take actions based on what it’s set to. In all cases, what I’ve mentioned and anything else, taking @James_Mefford suggesting for tagging and using it would be strongly advisable.