Is there a way to revert the contact role for a list of contacts?

Hi, while working on the contacts, somehow I have changed the contact type of a list of contacts from say A to B. Is there any way to rectify this or revert this. Can someone assist me on this.

Thanks in advance

Do you have any other way to segment those folks? Meaning, if you had 200 people you did this to, do those 200 people somehow have other items (like tags or another field) that would identify who they were?

If they do, then you can do a search for the ‘other’ criteria to pull up your list and then do a ‘bulk edit’ to change their info back from B to A.

You could also pull a report of contacts and look at the ‘last update’ date and you will see the date and time they were updated. If you know when you did this, you may be able to identify them that way.

If not, you may need to get with support to see if they could assist with an ‘undo’, but it does take a while and may cost $.