Owner assignment between multiple teams


I have two sales team ( lets call them A and B). Both the sales team have 3 members in each, these sales team work in series meaning any new lead that comes in first goes to A and then if deemed appropriate goes to team B. There is also a possibility where the team B may pass it back to team A if they think it was wrongly passed on to them. In both the teams assignment is done on a single round robin basis. I am looking for a solution where if anything B passes back to A, it should go to the same agent that was assigned to the lead when the lead first came in and was with team A. Basically I am trying to create a situation where no matter how many back and forth happens between team A and B, there should always be one person from team A and one person from team B who is assigned to the lead.

Any help would be enormously appreciated.


You could do that by adding tags.

If you have Sales Team A with:

And Sales Team B:

Run the Round Robin and assign to Jim.
Run a decision diamond after the Round Robin that says ‘if Jim, put in this sequence” and in that sequence you would apply “Team A Owner = Jim” — you would do this for all sales folks (so in this case, 3 sequences)

Then, when they are assigned to B, do the same thing. So if going to Mary, they would have tags: Team A = Jim, Team B = Mary

Then, if they send the contact back to A, run a DD that says “if tag = Team A = Jim, then set owner as Jim”.
Basically a bunch of decision diamonds upon assignment/reassignment.

HOWEVER, if you have a lot of sales people, or if you have turnover that would require constant updating of the campaign, it would be better to use something like Zapier, Integromat or PlusThis and custom fields of “Team A Owner” and “Team B Owner”. Use the 3rd party to set the Team A Owner field = OwnerID of the person assigned. Then upon reassignment back to Team A, just run another 3rd party operation that changes the Owner to Team A Owner custom field.