How to assign a single contact (or opportunity) to multiple users allowing them to pick from a pool?

Hello everyone,

I thought the above was going to be straight forward but its DRIVING me nuts!

Basically we have a new Sales rep user and an existing Sales team manager user who both require access to all of the contact/opportunitys at the same time. Essentially they both can see the pool of “new leads” and then start picking out the ones from the list as required.
However if the Sales Manager starts working on a contact (e.g. it is changed to another status) the Sales Rep CANNOT see it or gain access to that record data anymore.

Also the My Day/Calander/Tasks interface cannot be used here as all the Contacts and opportunities are managed/negotiated through the Opportunities list view.

Currently I assign the Contact to the Sales Manager user via the campaign manager but it only allows you to select ONE user or round robin. This process needs to be automated as it is right now with no input from the users.

ANY help here would be greatly appreciated!


Your best bet, in this instance would be to have the “New Leads” be unassigned from the start. Once a user selects an opportunity to work, they can assign it to themselves. If your permissions are set up correctly, once an opp/contact is assigned, only the rep assigned can view.


I agree with @Camille_Shieff. If you absolutely needed to assign the lead to an owner, what we do with a lot of sales teams is assign each lead to the same owner (usually the sales manager) who then after reviewing pertinent information, assigns the more permanent owner from the pool of reps via an internal (or external, but internal is easier) form


Thanks for the tip but we really do need to assign the leads to both users!

We do need to assign the leads without the Sales rep or a manual step - this is because they both work independently in terms of time/location and the leads are very time sensitive. So they ideally they need to be in the correct users lead lists as soon as they are generated! Guess this not possible or have to use API?