Assign tasks/leads/opportunities to group not individual


Very new to Infusionsoft!

When a lead comes in for us, we want to assign it to the sales team group, and not an individual user.

The lead then sits in the task list for example, and whatever sales person happens to get to the lead first, assigns it to themselves.

This is important for us as we have a small sales team, so it’s possible that only one sales person is working at a particular time.

Can this be achieved in Infusionsoft?

I have only seen the ability to assign to a particular person, or by way of round robin.

Any advice greatly appreciated!


How are your user permissions set up? Can users see all contacts in the database, or just the contacts that they own.

If they can see everyone, you may be able to work with an idea of working all new leads into a quick campaign that applies an ‘Unassigned Lead’ tag, and follow that up with a specific action from the rep (applying another tag, or a note) that could trigger a campaign to remove the ‘unassigned lead’ tag and assign the specific owner. (each user would need their own trigger action and sequence to assign them as owner.)

Thanks James.

Currently users see all contacts in the database.

I’ll try to explain a little more what we want to achieve - we have a campaign setup that includes the allocation of a task:

  • Sales rep phones customer > if no answer > schedule another call for x days > assign this as a task to sales team

The idea being that when the task date arrives, the rep working at that particular time sees the task pop up and takes it on.

It’s irrelevant who made the initial phone call.

The only workaround I can think of is to create a duplicate task for each sales rep. Then when a sales rep picks up their version of the task, the others are automatically closed (not very tidy!).

What do you think James?

I agree with @James_Mefford. We set up these kinds of things for companies that have sales teams all the time. The office gets a call and fills out a Needs Analysis form. A tag is applied and adds the Unassigned Leads to the manager’s Dashboard but it could be added to all your sales reps dashboards.

I won’t go through our entire process but in your case, no task is needed - they just check that “list” on their dashboard. To “claim” a lead, they would fill out an internal form for that lead select themself (via radio button) which triggers a sequence (a decision diamond would be needed to route each sales person to a unique sequence) making them the owner and at the very least removing the tag applied when the initial Needs Analysis form was filled off…and removing them from the Unassigned Leads list.


Thanks Cheryl - what form would this ‘list’ on the dashboard take?

i.e. how does it appear, what widget etc?

Thanks for your help!

As soon you create and save the search, you’re given the option to add it right to the Dashboard - but I use the Custom Statistics dashboard widget so that it can be shared with other Users.