Agents and lead assigning

how do i edit the search on contacts to see all leads fro a specific agent?
and also i gave permission to an agent to assign leads from them to anotehr agent but they say they can’t do it ?

When you mention Leads, are you talking about Opportunities or Contacts?

In either case, the search is similar.


  1. Main Nav > CRM > Contacts

  2. Misc Criteria, scroll down to the Owner ID field and select the user.

  3. Click the Search button.


  1. Main Nav > CRM > Opportunities

  2. In the Search tab select the Owner.

  3. Click the Search button.

Pro-tip: Create Saved Searches and Add to User Home

  1. In the search results, click the Save button at the top to save the search for easy reference.

  2. Enter the name for the search; e.g., “Bob’s Leads”.

  3. Specify who to share the search with if other than yourself.

  4. Check the box if you want the search to be added to the User Home (aka Dashboard).

Hope this helps!

what do i do? my reps are complaining the crm is horrible and they want me
to cancel and switch back to salesforce… they say yoru crm is not salesmen
friendly? you cant search by categories… like if they nat to search all
open lead they cant. or if they want to search for call back leads they
cnat… they cnat even change the lead score on leads ?? please help as i
love your automation but i really need my reps to be able to use

Hi Sam,

I’m sorry to hear about your experience. We’ve been using Infusionsoft at our medical practice since Fall 2014 and found it to be very helpful.

Typically when you start up using Infusionsoft, you get some on-boarding help from the company.

Have you reached out to support via Chat or by Phone to discuss your issues?


I’m going to be the bad guy and say that it is more likely they are just experiencing frustration from having to unlearn what they believe they know and learn something different. IS is a difficult learning curve but it offers a huge increase in flexibility that salesforce isn’t designed for. Sales force is designed to support sheer numbers not quality of relationship. They can get the same functioning of category searches by learning more about how to use tags in IS. Leadsource tracking and opportunities are another way these things can be accomplished. The function isn’t missing, it’s simply not what they’re used to and to learn IS you have to be willing to let go of some things you think you know from other products because of those differences. It will only cause headaches to make comparisons.

Just wish there was good support besides the 2 -3 training sessions on
campaign builder never even spoke.about CRM

would you be able to help with the below?
Here is a list of things we need to do to up sales and make everybody lives


  • how to mass update lead statuses (change 5 leads from new to no answer
    for example)
  • how to view all leads that are assigned to a user of choice (How to see
    only leads assigned to XX or only to me etc.)
  • how to change the default columns on searches also the order of the
    columns is important (so we wont have to add and remove columns every time
    we preform a new search)
  • Figure out how to transfer the data and mainly the statuses from old crm
    to new (super crucial for renewals)
  • how to mass email leads of our choice with a template or not with a
    template with filtering (e.g one email for "No answers and another for
    “waiting for docs”)
  • change documents@shield user permission on crm to be able to see leads
    that are under XXX and future sales agents (create hirarchy)
  • Check to see if ringcentral is linkable to infusionsoft

time is money and these things will save a lot of time and hopefully
willmake a lot of more money.

Hi @Sam_Baitz,

So many of your questions will have answers that might be different depending upon how you’re working with them. As an example, changing from lead to no answer. Are you using opportunities and you’re asking about moving stages or are you tracking this with tags etc?

Much of this isn’t easily explained via text but rather would be easier to understand through seeing (usually video).

Other items will have to do with setup/preparing ahead. Mass emailing, for example, if you have tags that track a specific group, would be much easier than trying to silo that information by some other criteria, but again, that will have to do with other specifics for your particular model in how your business is run as well.

You can’t change the default interface but you can create saved searches that are easily select-able from the drop down (so it’s just a click away) and then you would have the column/field layout you wish to have.

So each answer really will depend on your specific conditions. This is the up and downside of having a flexible system, but once setup for your needs, it does provide a lot more relevant ways of managing your business.

was only asking for crm purposes not emails or cmagn… we don’t use tags
on crm

This is why I mentioned emails.

As far as tags, that is how a large part of using IS works…at least in most cases. They can show history, status, conditions, actions, triggers etc and they are almost impossible to do with out as they provide a communication system that can determine your automated actions.

Hello John,
I am from sams sales team and i simply cant find an answer to what we asked in your reply.
We are using lead statuses to sort our leads (new leads, no answers, call backs, not interested etc.).
We asked to mass update lead statuses (e.g mass update 50 leads under status new to status no answer). is this possible? if yes how? if no, whats the alternative? (bare in mind we want to keep using statuses for sorting leads)

We also asked how to view leads that are assigned to a certain user? is there a criteria in a search that will show me only the leads that are assigned to sam? or only the leads that are assigned to sarah? i couldnt understand from your answer. please advise

We also asked if there is a way to upload data into the system with a predefined status. we are migrating data from an old crm and we want to upload 100 leads for example, out of which 20 will be u[loaded under status new and 80 will e uploaded under status call back. is this possible?

We also encountered a difficulty in sorting by $ amount.
When sorting leads we want to sort by the highest earners, instead it shows a numercal sorting rather than an amount sorting:
see attachment:

Please advise.

We also asked if ringcentral is linkable to your CRM, i couldnt understand from your reply.
Please advise.


I don’t work for Infusionsoft. I am running a business of my own as well. I point this out to say that the questions you have asked are going to take a lot more to answer than a blog post/comment. There are answers but there are also a lot of questions and the answers depend on many details, therefor, I have not answered most of your questions directly because they don’t have all of the information necessary to answer them. Most of those that will respond to you here are giving their time for free as they have time in between their normal business day. I am no different and the response to your questions would take much longer to assemble than I have at the moment.