Searching ( is infsions soft just not good for sales )

what do i do? my reps are complaining the crm is horrible and they want me
to cancel and switch back to salesforce… they say yoru crm is not salesmen
friendly? you cant search by categories… like if they nat to search all
open lead they cant. or if they want to search for call back leads they
cnat… they cnat even change the lead score on leads ?? please help as i
love your automation but i really need my reps to be able to use

I guess you should take some things into account and make this decision yourself:

  1. How long did your reps use Salesforce and how long have you had Infusionsoft. They could just be saying these things because they know and are comfortable with the old CRM.
  2. Have they had any training in Infusionsoft? Have they utilized this specific page you’re asking this question on to see if the community has answers to their problems?
  3. You’re the boss. What do YOU want them to use?

I disagree with this not being sales friendly. Infusionsoft has a section dedicated to lead source tracking, flame scores to see when a customer is ready to buy, and My Day is a great section to set tasks for your reps to know who to call/email and when.

I think a little more research should be done to determine what’s the best fit for you, your company, and your reps.

Good luck.

We’re do I get training in CRM ? Had 2 training sessions for.campign
builder but not for CRM?
How do i edit lead scores Seems can only be done automatically via tags ?

You can start looking at the Sales Team user guides. There is a lead scoring section in there as well. These guides will show you how to set everything up. If you have any particular training needs that aren’t covered in those guides, just let me know.

Allow me to suggest an analogy here:

A brick and mortar retail store should be clean and in order, it should have products that people want to buy, it should have good relations with it’s customers, good signage and advertising. But the store is just a store. How you use it and how you get people to come and shop has nothing to do with the building but everything to do with your brand and what you can provide in value. Using IS is complicated at the start. But it’s a tool and once the in’s and out’s are learned, it is a very powerful tool that can magnify what you do as a business, but will never take the place of how you do business.

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