Infusionsoft VS Clickfunnels?

Russell Brunson says its “Confusionsoft”, they are the avenger team and Infusionsoft + LeadPages are the opposite (From 1 of the seminar where they show the short clip of the animation I watched via FB Live during Russell’s birthday celebration).

What’s your thought on this? Infusionsoft VS ClickFunnels ? Totally different thing? Reviews?

Would love to hear your thoughts on this.

This question comes up alot and it actually surprises me. They don’t do the same thing so it’s not something that is comparable. If you find value in CF then use it for landing pages and such but it won’t give you what IS will in marketing and workflow automation. I generally say that many would be best to just use both.


Obviously, I’m a bit biased as an employee :smiley:

Our competitor offerings will be something that startups outgrow when they need a more robust business/marketing automation tool - that is when they “upgrade” to Infusionsoft. Whether it’s from Mailchimp, Clickfunnels, HubSpot, etc… the story is always similar…successful small businesses need more customized business/sales/marketing automation tools, have outgrown the templated paradigm offered by our competitors, and need to start building more customized solutions for their business.

Infusionsoft is the evolution from a simple landing page/web form builder to a full business automation suite, sans the cost of enterprise-level solutions.

As far as “Confusionsoft”, I think the market will mature to a point where our our competition will need to think creatively about their brand without invoking competition. :slight_smile: That may take a while as our market space is currently in a state of constant disruption…which is a good thing for consumers as it pushes us to evolve our product more quickly.


I want to be careful I don’t resort to Russel Brunson’s tactics, but I don’t use Infusionsoft in the capacity I am able only because of the incredible power the platform delivers (IF it’s used more than 5% of its potential)…but also because of the quality of leadership and the positive culture Infusionsoft exemplifies. You will not find them disqualifying competitors to raise their own place in the market. They play well with others and go out of their way to make sure as many integrations are possible.

I am just so unimpressed with and disappointed in the lack of integrity that ClickFunnels’ leader displays at an age where he should be showing growth and maturity and for those reasons I cannot endorse anything that he stands for.


Hi Alexander, being a IS customer for almost a year now (delivering digital products with marketing automation, online courses), and having tried and left clickfunnels in the process (as landing page platform) I can share my experienced and view on this silly “battle”.

IS is a mature business automation platform and my recommendation is to choose prof. consultant (expensive) help you set up a tagging / campaign system/framework right.

One of our consultants used IS / Clickfunnels for sales pages and works well for him.
We tried CF but left due to overselling by their support on the extend of CF / IS integration level to our specific needs. To me CF is an upsell company and serve many companies good if you buy into CF mindset. I see CF wanting (claiming) to do everything but having worked in internet solution business for +20 years this is a red flag attitude. To me and most succesfull companies going forward will be those having the most open integration business model/attitude.

Instead of CF we now use Wordpress with Thrives themes, which is a bit more technical to maintain but gives 100% ownership and unified design look.

IS is not perfect and seems clunky in some areas. BUT they compensate for very good integration to 3 party solutions to cover for it lacking. So to me IS is a bit more expensive choice in the short run, more technical to maintain, but due to the many 3 part integration and the positioned market leader, we won´t be limited in future possibilities.

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When I first started using Infusionsoft I was overwhelmed because I was a novice with “shiny object syndrome,” always looking for the latest and greatest. During my 4th month with IS I bought tried the 30 day free trial of CF. (Keep in mind that CF has the a-la-cart landing page builder option as well as a builder, CRM and email automation combination product.)

I really enjoyed the CF landing page builder, but I found the CRM to be overly simple and limited in function while the email automation was simply an Aweber substitute.

When I discuss CF with clients I give credence to CF for Russell Brunson’s product/affiliate/coaching sales acumen. He really understands that space well and I’ve enjoyed reading his books. Also, the CF landing page builder has been my favorite until lately. (My hope is that IS’s new landing page builder will take it’s place as my preferred landing page builder.)

However, CF doesn’t have an intuitive campaign builder flow to build real sales funnels and workflow automation. I left CF back to IS because I thought CF was more confusing than IS. I believe that the “confusionsoft” label is being used to do that same thing Connor McGreggor did with Floyd Mayweather. Connor talked enough trash about a much higher level competitor to get people to notice him as a potentially legitimate boxing competitor. This paid off for McGreggor and is probably doing the same thing for CF and their affiliates (they are the ones really trying to garner attention so they can get clicks).

But truely CF is nothing more than an overpriced high-quality landing page builder with a sub-premium quality CRM and email marketing software cobbled together with highly commissioned affiliates singing it’s praises.

I now run multiple profitable businesses through my app. I’ve even fallen in love with Infusionsoft so much that I freelance building sales funnels and workflow automation for other businesses. IS is not without its faults, but I see no better solution at this price point. CF really doesn’t even deserve to be a part of the conversation… just like McGreggor. :slight_smile:

One guy’s viewpoint…