Sales Force Automation

Please advise - I have worked with many different SFA tools over the years and find Infusion Soft to be be the worst of the lot. It’s slow tedious with all the marketing restrictions and complete lack of intuitive design that makes it a job killer! As sales lead at my company please tell me why I should continue to use it?

Hi Jim, and welcome to the community. Can you elaborate on the “lack of intuitive design” by telling us what your expectations were? Also, let us know what you are trying to accomplish…so we can better help you. Thanks!

It’s painful when you have to complete an HTML form on a separate page to do follow up and calls to campaigns, very difficult to get into a rhythm. Most pressing right now is how slow the app. is running. When you hit the save it’s taking close to 30 seconds to save. Even upon opening a form there’s a 10 second lag time. I’m trying to be forthright since this is what I have to work with and it’s not working.

Ouch! I’ll ask Support to look into it. Do other websites load well for you, or is it just Infusionsoft?

Just infusionsoft, we sell IT support services.