Assign lead ownership based on time frames

Hello, I would like to know how can I assign leads to different members of my team based on the time the lead is generated.

We have 24h coverage and different shifts with different sales agents, as we operate globally.

We need one system to assign the leads to different members using some kind of round robin system but I can only see the option to assign leads based on ratios or in a round mode.

Is there any way to assign the leads to different owners based on time shifts?


Specifically, what are the conditions for assigning an owner that you are looking for?

This is basically our structure:

  • 3 sales staff working during day shift 8 am till 17:30
  • 1 sales staff working during evenings 17:30 till 23:00
  • 1 sales staff working in nights 23:00 till 8 am

Another complication is that sometimes the shifts change, especially in the weekend.

So, this is basically my problem. Any idea or suggestion to fix this gap in our lead assignation automation John?


So your design will play a part in determining this. I might be tempted to think that if your staff each had their own form for sales information that it would be the most direct way of handling that assignment layout…but I might not have enough details?