Can I assign leads to different team members based on the time of day and day of the week?

We have staff that work different days of the week. Is it possible to assign the client owner to a based on the day of the week that the webform is filled out?

Monday and Friday: Staff #1 and Staff #2
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: Staff #1
Saturday and Sunday: Staff #2

Trigger your campaign to start with a tag.
After the tag, set up 3 sequences and a decision diamond (the decision diamond will have no criteria - people will flow through all 3 sequences)
Have a tag goal after the 3 sequences and connect them to the tag goal.

Sequence 1 - start with a delay timer that runs on Monday and Friday
Sequence 2 - start with a delay timer that runs on Tues, Wed and Thur
Sequence 3 - start with a delay timer that runs on Sat and Sun

Do the Round Robin (or straight assignment to a rep) and then apply the tag for the tag goal that follows.

That way, each group will get reassigned during their respective days and by applying the trailing tag goal you’ll pull the people out of all 3 sequences so nobody gets erroneously assigned.

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