Single Contact Record - need multiple addresses

Hello all
I have an ongoing requirement to have multiple addresses for some of my Contact Records - where the address is a “site location” for example. The number of sites an architect works at may be 10 over the course of a year. As it stands a single Contact Record can only have 1 address (I think?) Be good if I could “create” more/unlimited in each Contact Record for cases like this. Any tips / suggestions welcome. Thanks

Are you looking to merge this data into emails?

If you are a text block custom field is probably the easiest way of doing this, and cheapest on your custom fields.

What is the use case here, if it is just storage its one thing, if its use of data its different.

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No, not merging. Each “customer” is a different Contact Record - I don’t want to recreate the same customer multiple times only because they have multiple addresses. We use Contact Records as the “hub” of a customer - every thing stored back into that record, including current active address. Which in some cases is not “their address” as such, it’s a site

@Paul_Johnson2, you might want to look into a third party called Macanta. They have a feature called Connected Data that would solve your needs nicely.

Thanks very much Cheryl - will do. I think I’m discovering that the route to tailor make or amend infusionsoft seems to be third party apps or custom coding

Yep, there just isn’t a way for Infuisionsoft to create solutions for every situation so a good third party will focus on just that issue. I think you’ll be really happy. It’s a great product.

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