Creat multiple contact records from one order form?

Hi, we’d like Eventbrite-like features in an infusionsoft order form and are wonderring if anyone has addressed this issue.

As a payor for myself or others registering for an event,
I want to enter the names and emails of those attending
So they will have a contact record and appropriate tags as registered for the event.

Has anyone addressed this requirement in Infusionsoft?

Thank you,

Not something that is easy to do natively in Infusionsoft (and the functionality may have been disabled with recent updates). Doing it ’natively’ in Infusionsoft required daisy-chaining web forms (one web form posts HTTP data into another web form to create the additional contacts).

The easier way is with PlusThis — they have a Contact Creator feature that was build just for this scenario.


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Thank you Jeff.