Sending leads to Keap. The first page of funnel -- called "Registration Page" -- collects the email addresses and sends to Keap

Leads are pushed through a Zap and into Keap from ClickFunnels.

There’s supposed to be some mechanism that tells Keap IF that same visitor didn’t watch the whole video (on page 2 of funnel)

OR set an appointment on Calendly (on page 3 of funnel). Do you see some type of action that can be reported back to Keap?**


The default would be that that person didn’t complete any of those actions.

So you would set up your sequence to email them as through they did not complete those steps.
Then, have a Tag goal after that sequence for '‘watched whole video’. When they get to the end of the video and click through at the end of page 2, trigger that tag.

That will pull them out of the ‘didn’t complete any steps’ sequence and put them into the ‘watched whole video’ sequence. At that point, you assume they did not schedule an appointment and email accordingly.

Then, do the same thing. Set up a tag goal after that sequence for ‘scheduled’ and if they schedule, apply that tag, which will pull them out of the other 2 sequences and then start emailing them about their scheduled appointment.