Campaign sending to former unsubscribed people

I have a little issue we can’t seem to fix.


  1. Person unsubscribes from all emails (seems to be the default regardless if they unsubscribed themselves or asked an admin to do it from the backend)

  2. Later on person interacts with new automations we have and triggers a campaign.
    The campaign tags the person, however it’s not capable of sending out a triggered email because the person’s status is still “unsubscribed”

I understand that in order to “re-subscribe” the person should re-sign up using a Keap form however that is not possible due to the fact that we use 3rd party tools for forms in our sales funnels (Keap forms are too basic for our setup).

  1. Customer complains to us
  2. We re-subscribe customer manually and attach the tag again so that the campaign triggers. → Done

Is there any workaround or plans inside Keap to make this process easier and just resubscribe people if they decided to signup or engage with our content?
It all works fine at the initial adding to the list… only this scenario when someone has unsubscribed in the past and wants to resubscribe does not work.

Thank you


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I hate to say, but I highly doubt that Keap is going to permit automation to allow resubscribing someone, as that is fraught for abuse. Since you are using 3rd parties, I’d suggest setting up a filter so that if someone does enter your system from a 3rd party form, you kick off a quick email to them (from an outside source) that simply says “We have your request, but it appears you may have unsubscribed previously, so we need to manually update your status. As soon as we do that, we’ll get you the information you requested.” Then have someone tasked with updating their status and kicking them back off through your funnel.

An alternative would be to do the same filter, but instead of manually triggering someone to do it, you could send them a link via the 3rd party to a ‘resubscribe’ web form, where you say essentially the same thing with a ‘please verify that you would like to resubscribe for your information’ and have them fill out the form. That accomplishes the ‘fill out the webform’ piece you mention in your post.

It isn’t the best solution, but is a solution that will work.


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