Screen pop in Infusionsoft

I would like to add a contact record to pop up when a call comes in by triggering a search in IS. I see that I can search using a URL like this -

How do I modify that string to look up a variable such as a caller ID number?

Thanks in advance

Not quite what you want, but you can setup the Contacts Search via the URL.

The “Phone1_DATA” is what you need to set to search for the main phone number, eg: 123456. Note, this will just bring up the search results, but not load the Contact Record if there is just one there.

Great thanks. I did find a correct string for my software to open the record{CALLERNAME}

Only problem now is that we send a +1 and that throws off the search. Any way to manipulate and eliminate the +1 that I am sending to you or does that need to be done on my side?

Thanks for your help.

Actually it should say CALLERNUM not CALLERNAME

You would need something to remove the international dial code prefix, unless the softphone has a different shortcode that can give you the number without the prefix?

I do have something via a Chrome Browser Extension that may help you, but it will only filter out one international dial code prefix, not several.

Hey thanks for your support. I finally figured it out this morning. This string does a correct search and on my software manipulates the first two digits, +1{CALLERNUM:2}

Anyone have a current solution now that stir/shaken went into affect?

@Justin_Miller, it has been over 4 years since I answered the original post.

What happens now with this new change that has appeared? Do you still get the Caller Number?

I would check the telephone software that you are using to see if it supports it.

All that is discussed here is to open the Contact Record based on the Telephone Number provided.

Number field contains lots of info these days: +1##########;verstat=No-TN-Validation
I ended up using a chrome extension to alter the url on the pop entry and all is working now.

Could you mention the Chrome Extension you used just in case anyone else asks about this?