Can you populate a search query from a URL?

I am using the API to synchronize contacts between InfusionSoft and a 3rd party app. When I sync the contacts, I create a tag for that transaction and apply it to the contacts. This is all working fine, but I want to give the user a link to display all contacts with that tag in InfusionSoft.

Something like the following would be ideal: &tagid=123 &view=resultsPage

Much in the way you can search for “Infusionsoft” on Google by following this URL:

Is this possible to do with one click using a URL like the above? Or does the user have to make an advanced search, manually enter the tag then click Search with 4 clicks or more?

If you go into your CRM - Settings - Tags.
Go to the tag you want. Click the ’show number’ button on the right.
Click the number that is there (that shows who has that tag).

After doing that, copy the URL in the address bar above and you should be able to use that to pull up your list of people regularly.


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Perfect @Jeff_Arnold.

I can integrate that into my software easily as the argument I am looking for is Tags_DATA which refers to the Tag ID. So the URL would look something like this: &Tags_DATA=123

Many thanks!

The XML-RPC will also allow you to collect the results from a saved search using the api, should that also be a possible solution for you.

Thanks for the tip @John_Borelli. I may come to use that in the future. Cheers!

Hello Keap / Infusionsoft experts!
This is great information. @Jeff_Arnold can you assist me with an issue I’m having?
I’m looking to connect my zoom phone (and employees phones) to Keap/Infusionsoft. Zoom has a function in its setting to “Launch an external app or a URL for incoming calls” that will allow you to type in URL and put in parameters to help you search in your CRM ( However, I’m having some trouble finding out which Keap URL I should use. Please help!

I do not believe it is going to be possible to configure that to search in Keap, due to the structure of the way Keap is built.
You would have to search by phone, which is a field not on the main page of the contact search field, and the individual pages are fed via scripting, not via individual page URLs (meaning, if you go to your contact search page and then click through the tabs, you will notice that there is no change to the URL structure). Due to that, you can’t identify the tab you want.

Also, if you do a search in Keap, you’ll notice that the search info is scrambled — it’s not a straight ?phone1=1234567890 — it’s encoded, so you can’t do a straight search there.

If you had the contactId of the person (somehow outside Keap), you could use this:
Where you feed in your Keap ID and the ContactId at the end.