Connect Zoom Phone to Keap using Zoom's "Launch an external app or a URL for incoming calls"

Hello Keap / Infusionsoft experts!
I’m looking to connect my zoom phone (and employees phones) to Keap/Infusionsoft. Zoom has a function in its setting to “Launch an external app or a URL for incoming calls” that will allow you to type in URL and put in parameters to help you search in your CRM However, I’m having some trouble finding out which Keap URL I should use. Please help!
I’ve seen another forum that tells you how to search tags and connect them to contact via a URL (Can you populate a search query from a URL?) but I’d like to search all of my company’s contacts and have it populate anyone with that specific contact.
I used tenfold in the past to automate this process and it was great but they don’t work with Zoom.

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Does Keap support Zoom phone integration now? Looking to move to them from JustCall…

I’ve still not received any notification of an update. I don’t think there is any true integration. It would be great if they offered this support and a way to record calls. Hopefully someday soon.
Please let me know if you find anything!